Feel Your Most confident with a NuLook Signature Glam

Put your Best face forward for your next event!

4 appointments available this week!

8/5 - 8/11


As a lover of skin care and natural skin, BUT also being a lover of makeup... I KNOW it can be hard to find something in the middle! If you find yourself loving a skin like beat, a beaming glow from within, feathery brows, and bold lashes .. I have something just for you!

after being a makeup artist for 5 years i’ve come across a few things that could change to be absolutely sure that my client is getting the best possible service. the problems i’ve come across is usually time,time,time! and messy brows!!!

so let me tell you

this glam session is for you if..

  • you know you love makeup, but appreciate the skin like application and glow

  • love lashes, and what to know how to put them on by yourself

  • have an event, photoshoot, video shoot, or pannel and you need a full service glam!

  • you love to be in the comfort of your own home while getting ready

and because i know there are some of you out there like dang! that sounds amazing but i just got my brows waxed at the nail salon!!! its ok! I will still give you a customized brow shape (by filling in the brows), and i’ll show you where we need to grow or remove hair to get the shape that best suits you. and on top of that .. you will receive a voucher for your brows to be threaded once they grow back!


Nu LOOK signature glam

You will Look and feel your most confident self for your event after our one on one glam session!

During this one on one Glam Session you will receive:

handmade Vegan Skin Prep to prep your skin for the day/ evening of makeup

Body Glow Prep, because we must glow all over

Custom foundation and complexion perfection application that will bring your best features forward with highlighting and contouring

a reusable pair Fluffy Lashes that best compliment your eyes

for an investment of



but wait.. there’s more!

Because i want to make absolute certain you are picture perfect for you event here’s what else i am including when you book your GLam…

Custom Brow shaping with my Signature Threading Technique Because .. what’s better than getting your brows carefully crafted by your makeup artist. plus the results of threading can last from 3-4 weeks!

I know getting ready can be stressful when trying to incorporate time, so i am bringing the glam to you! Travel and quick set up and breakdown makes the bulk of our time focused on getting you picture ready

of course i want you to be able to reuse your lashes so after our appointment you will receive an online makeup tutorial on my top 3 easiest ways to apply your lashes like a pro!

of course you’re going to look and feel your best after our session, and i would love to capture a few IG ready photos, taken and edited by me!

OK let’s Sum this up!

Brow Threading ($20 value)

Face and body Glam ($125)

Travel & set up/ breakdown ($50 value)

Video lash lesson ($20 value)

Total value: $215

total investment $135

($80 Savings!)